SALT TALK: Having a Pied-À-Terre in New York City May Result in Higher Real Property Taxes

TAX TALK: Can You Qualify for a Medical Expense Tax Deduction?

SALT TALK: Traps in Transactions - Tax Free for Fed Doesn’t Mean Tax Free for State and Local

TAX TALK: Maximize Your 401(k) to Save for Retirement

SALT TALK: Golf, COVID-19, and Residency Planning

TAX TALK: Small Businesses May be Able to Cash in on Depreciation Tax Savers

SALT TALK: Beyond COVID-19, There are Taxing Reasons Not to Visit Your Relatives for the Holidays

TAX TALK: Employees: Don’t Forget About your FSA Funds

SALT TALK: DC Eliminates the Terminating Business Gain Exclusion for the UBT Effective January 1, 2021

TAX TALK: Taking Distributions from Traditional IRAs

SALT TALK: Should State Apportionment of Income Change with Your Mood(y’s)?

TAX TALK: How Series EE Savings Bonds are Taxed

TAX TALK: Tax Responsibilities If Your Business is Closing Amid the Pandemic

T&E TALK: The Executor’s Role

TAX TALK: 4 Tax Issues Divorcing Couples Should Understand

SALT TALK: Life Coaching, GPS or Tax Planning

TAX TALK: Avoid the Pitfalls of Buying and Selling Mutual Fund Shares

SALT TALK: Change of NY Domicile Successful by Dumping Old Girlfriend; Keeping Old Dog

TAX TALK: What Tax Records Can You Throw Away?

SALT TALK: New Jersey Enacts Millionaires Tax — Immediate Action Required

TAX TALK: To Survive an IRS Audit Get Ready in Advance

T&E TALK: A Fiduciary Roadmap

SALT TALK: State Tax Debts: Don’t Believe Everything You Read

TAX TALK: Plan for Income Taxes as Part of Your Estate Plan

TAX TALK: If You Manage Your Own Portfolio, Can You Deduct Related Expenses?

T&E TALK: The Pros and Cons of Lifetime Gifts

SALT TALK: New Internet Taxes and Wayfair? Don’t Forget the Use Tax

TAX TALK: Tax Implications of Working from Home and Collecting Unemployment

TAX TALK: Questions and Concerns About Deferring Employees’ Social Security Taxes

T&E TALK: Planning with the Increased Exemption Amounts, While they Last…

SALT TALK: New York City Interest Rate Reduction for Late Payment of Real Property Taxes

TAX TALK: Back-to-School Tax Breaks

T&E TALK: Estate Planning and Divorce

SALT TALK: Who Let the Dog Out? – Legislation by Administration Leads to Confusion

TAX TALK: Will You Have to Pay Tax on Your Social Security Benefits?

T&E TALK: Five Good Reasons to Turn Down an Inheritance

TAX TALK: Can’t Pay Taxes? What’s Next?

T&E TALK: Because of COVID-19, College-aged Children Need a Basic Estate Plan

TAX TALK: Possible Tax Consequences of PPP Loans

T&E TALK: Protect your Will from Legal Challenges, Family Disputes

TAX TALK: Tax Implications of Employer-provided Life Insurance

T&E TALK: A Trust Can Fortify Your Assets Against Creditors

SALT TALK: NYC Unincorporated Business Tax - Impact of Telecommuting on Allocation of Income from Taxable Services

TAX TALK: Scholarships: Tax-free or Taxable?

T&E TALK: Estate Planning for Your Digital Assets and Accounts

TAX TALK: Inheriting Property? Take Advantage of a Stepped-up Basis

T&E TALK: Avoid Pitfalls When Splitting Gifts with your Spouse

SALT TALK: Eyes on the Mega Millions Jackpot? Better Read this First

TAX TALK: Businesses: Ready for Form 1099-NEC?

T&E TALK: Estate Planning if you have Adopted Children or Unadopted Stepchildren

TAX TALK: Three Considerations After Filing Your Taxes

T&E TALK: A CRT Can Benefit You and Your Favorite Charity

TAX TALK: Some are Required to Return Economic Impact Payments Sent in Error

T&E TALK: Business Succession and Estate Planning: It can be Complicated

SALT TALK: NYC Council Approves Bill to Reduce Interest Rate for Late Payments of Certain Property Tax Payments Due July 1, 2020

TAX TALK: What Qualifies as a COVID-19 Distribution from a Retirement Plan?

T&E TALK: Concealing a Trust Could Run Afoul of State Law

TAX TALK: Good Records - Key to Tax Deductions, Trouble-free IRS Audits

T&E TALK: Should You “Park” Your Vehicle in a Living Trust?

TAX TALK: Can Seniors Deduct Medicare Premiums?

T&E TALK: Estate Planning When Time is Short

SALT TALK: State Tax Auditors – They’re People Too

TAX TALK: IRA for a Nonworking Spouse

T&E TALK: A Spousal Lifetime Access Trust (SLAT) Can be your Financial Backup Plan

TAX TALK: IRS Releases 2021 Amounts for Health Savings Accounts

T&E TALK: Powers of Appointment Builds Flexibility into Your Estate Plan

SALT TALK: Quarantine and the Accidental State and Local Tax Resident

TAX TALK: Was your Economic Impact Payment Less than you Expected?

T&E TALK: The Dangers of Drafting Your Will Using Online Tools

SALT TALK: Terminating Your NYC Domicile and Establishing a NYS Only Domicile

TAX TALK: Still Time for a Deductible IRA Contribution for 2019

T&E TALK: Time May Be Right to Consider Forgiving Intrafamily Loans


T&E TALK: Rules Have Changed for your IRAs, RMDs and Estate Plan

TAX TALK: Are Your Independent Contractors Properly Classified?

T&E TALK: Major Life Shocks, Like COVID-19, Signal a Review of Your Estate Plan

SALT TALK: State Nexus Implications of Telecommuting due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

TAX TALK: Questions About Your Economic Impact Payment?

T&E TALK: COVID-19 and Charitable Giving

SALT TALK: The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on Residency and Taxes (VIDEO)

TAX TALK: More COVID-19 Relief From the IRS

T&E TALK: Estate Planning and Intellectual Property

TAX TALK: CARES Act Adjusts Retirement Plan and Charitable Contribution Rules

T&E TALK: Gift Tax Filing And Payment Deadlines Now July 15

SALT TALK: Update on New Jersey Income Tax Extensions

TAX TALK: COVID-19 Law - More Relief for Businesses

T&E TALK: Will Your Estate Plan Benefit From a Trust Protector?

SALT TALK: COVID-19 State Tax Pronouncements – Many and Varied

TAX TALK: Individuals Get COVID-19 Tax and Other Relief

T&E TALK: Consider An HSA For Your Savings Regimen And Estate Plan

SALT TALK: NYS Guidance Clarifies Penalty and Interest Relief for Late Payment of Sales Tax Due March 20th

TAX TALK: Keep Life Insurance Out of Your Estate

T&E TALK: Are Your Payable-on-Death Accounts Coordinated With Your Estate Plan?

SALT TALK: Governor Cuomo’s Press Conference Leads to More Questions regarding NYS Tax Deadline

TAX TALK: Home is Where the Tax Breaks Might Be

T&E TALK: Trusts to Consider When Estate Planning for a Blended Family

SALT TALK: Is Wayfair a Pandemic?

TAX TALK: Self-employed? You Might Be Eligible For Home Office Deductions

T&E TALK: Second Marriage? Time to Update your Estate Plan

SALT TALK: Live the Life You Choose

TAX TALK: Reasons For Married Filing Separately

T&E TALK: Curbing Power of Attorney Abuse

SALT TALK: Permanent Place of Abode: Taking Ownership

TAX TALK: Tax Impact of Selling Mutual Fund Shares

T&E TALK: Do You Need To File A Gift Tax Return?

SALT TALK: Sales Tax on Capital Improvements – Are You Secure?

TAX TALK: Cut Your Tax Bill With IRAs

T&E TALK: For Non-U.S. Citizens, Estate Planning Rules Are Different

SALT TALK: NYS Ends Sales Tax on Beer Flights in Anticipation of Proposed Gross Receipts Tax on Data

TAX TALK: Numerous Business Tax Limits Increased For 2020

T&E TALK: When Inheriting Property, Be Aware Of The Basis Consistency Rules

SALT TALK: Telecommuting May Result in Inconvenient Truths

TAX TALK: Can You Deduct Charitable Gifts?

T&E TALK: Estate Planning Through The Years

SALT TALK: They Call It Instant Justice - Sales Tax on Protective and Detective Services Clarified

TAX TALK: Help Protect Personal Information By Filing Early

T&E TALK: Nongrantor Trusts Soften The Blow of the SALT Deduction Limit

SALT TALK: Lose a Lawsuit, Pass a Law: NJ Pass-Through Entity Tax a Reality

T&E TALK: Nondeductible IRA Contributions Require Careful Tracking

TAX TALK: Law Changes That May Affect Your Retirement Plan

SALT TALK: Traps in Transactions — Don’t Take Sales Tax So Casually

TAX TALK: New Law Delivers Tax Breaks to Businesses and Employers

T&E TALK: IRS Confirms Large Gifts Now Won’t Hurt Post-2025 Estates

SALT TALK: 2020 Planning Tips – Wayfair Issues: Revisiting Responsible Person Liability vs. Sales Tax Class Action Suits

TAX TALK: Have a Side Gig? Understand Your Tax Obligations

T&E TALK: Three Pitfalls When Naming a Life Insurance Policy Beneficiary

TAX TALK: Adopting? Enjoy the Tax Savings

T&E TALK: Consider Making Direct Payments of Tuition and Medical Expenses

SALT TALK: What I Didn't Do On My Summer Vacation

TAX TALK: Holiday Parties and Gifts and Tax Breaks

T&E TALK: Five Estate Planning Questions for Single Parents

SALT TALK: Independence Brings Growing Pains

TAX TALK: What Medical Expenses Qualify for a Tax Deduction?

SALT TALK: Year End Planning Tips – Taxing Reasons Not to Visit Your Relatives for the Holidays

TAX TALK: Know Your Taxpayer Filing Status

T&E TALK: Avoiding or Minimizing Probate – It’s All About Planning

SALT TALK: Inferences, Conclusions, Relationships, and Residency Audit Traps

TAX TALK: Use Your 401(k) to Save this Year and Next

T&E TALK: Choosing a Guardian For Your Child

SALT TALK: Refund Claims – Don’t Make a Leap of Faith on What Difference a Day Makes

T&E TALK: In An Unpredictable Estate Planning Environment, Flexibility is Key

SALT TALK: Should State Apportionment of Income Change with Your Mood(y’s)?

TAX TALK: Small Businesses: Avoid The Payroll Tax Penalty

T&E TALK: Net Investment Income Tax Is Alive And Well

SALT TALK: POTUS is Leaving on a Jet Plane

TAX TALK: IRA Charitable Donations - An Alternative to Taxable Required Distributions

T&E TALK: A “Broken” Trust Can Be Fixed

SALT TALK: NYS IDA Benefits Now Support Energy Efficient Projects

TAX TALK: Planning to Sell Securities By Year End? Avoid The Wash Sale Rule

T&E TALK: Debunking The Misconception That Estate Planning Is Just For The Wealthy

TAX TALK: Use Coverdell ESAs to Help Pay for Child’s and Grandchild’s Education

T&E TALK: Secure Your Philanthropic Legacy with a Charitable Remainder Trust

SALT TALK: NY Residency Fight of the (Next) Decade?

TAX TALK: Navigating the Unemployment Tax Costs of Your Business

T&E TALK: Is a Self-directed IRA Right for You?

SALT TALK: Dismissal of SALT Deduction Lawsuit Guaranteed to be First Year Law Students’ Civil Procedure Final Exam

TAX TALK: Maximize the Gift Tax Exclusion Rule

T&E TALK: Family Businesses May Find Estate Tax Relief in Section 6166

TAX TALK: Tax Issues with Series EE Savings Bonds

T&E TALK: With AFRs Low — Take a Look at Your Gifting Plans

SALT TALK: Let’s Chart a Course

TAX TALK: Some Relief from College Costs on Your Tax Return

T&E TALK: The “Crummey” is Still Relevant

SALT TALK: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

TAX TALK: 2019 Q4 Tax Deadlines for Businesses and Other Employers

T&E TALK: You Can Control How Your Charitable Gifts Are Used

SALT TALK: Golf and a Little Bit of Residency Planning, Anyone?

TAX TALK: Next Estimated Tax Deadline is 9.16: Do You Have to Make a Payment?

T&E TALK: Take Intrafamily Lending to the Next Level - Establish a Family Bank

SALT TALK: Online Retailers – You’re Not in Kansas Any More

TAX TALK: Expenses That Teachers Can and Can’t Deduct

T&E TALK: Expanded 529 Plans Offer Unique Estate Planning Benefits

SALT TALK: You Are What You Eat – How Sales Tax Can Get You in Shape

TAX TALK: Taking Distributions from a Traditional IRA

T&E TALK: Your Tax Apportionment Clause Should Be Carefully Worded

SALT TALK: What’s Left Behind

TAX TALK: Tax implications of Gambling Winnings

T&E TALK: Your Will – Understand the Basics

SALT TALK: Who Let the Dog Out? – Legislation by Administration Leads to Confusion

TAX TALK: Kiddie Tax Hurting Families More than Ever

T&E TALK: Power of Attorney – Understand the Two Types

SALT TALK: Who Needs a Vacation When You Can Take a Sales Tax Holiday?

TAX TALK: The Nanny Tax Covers More Than Just Nannies

T&E TALK: Naming a Trustee — A Pivotal Decision

SALT TALK: Traps in Transactions: Don’t Stumble Over a Good Deal

TAX TALK: Now May be the Time to Buy Business Equipment and Other Depreciable Property

T&E TALK: A Buy-sell Can Provide Liquidity to Cover Estate Taxes

SALT TALK: I Sue You, You Sue Me, They Sue Us, Here We Go Again[1]

TAX TALK: If You Volunteer for Charity You May Get a Tax Break

T&E TALK: This May be an Ideal Time for a Roth IRA Conversion

SALT TALK: Somewhat Less Favorable REIT Treatment Confirmed by Appellate Division

T&E TALK: Assets with Sentimental Value Require Extra Planning

SALT TALK: Life Coaching, GPS, or Tax Planning

TAX TALK: You May have to Pay Tax on Social Security Benefits

T&E TALK: Jointly Owning Property Can Have Negative Outcomes

SALT TALK: Ruling on Market Based Sourcing Dispenses with Traditional Doctrine - My Customer’s Customers are Not My Customers

TAX TALK: Kids off to Day Camp?  You may be Eligible for a Tax Break

T&E TALK: Getting Divorced? Time to Review Your Estate Plan

TAX TALK: 2019 Q3: Key Deadlines for Businesses and Other Employers

T&E TALK: Weigh Your Options When Addressing Life Insurance in Your Estate Plan

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