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SALT TALK: State Tax Debts - Don't Believe Everything You Read

TAX TALK: What You Need to Know about 2017 Year-End Charitable Giving

T&E TALK: Who Should be the Guardian of Your Minor Children?

SALT TALK: Every Day I Hear Knock, Knock, Knock - Oh and it's You

TAX TALK: First Quarter 2018 Deadlines for Businesses and Other Employers

T&E TALK: Second Marriage? Time to Update your Estate Plan

SALT TALK: Nexus Gone Crazy - Feds Need to Tell States to Put Down the Cookie (Ducky) [1]

TAX TALK: Higher-Bracket Taxpayers can Take Advantage of 0% Long-Term Gains Rate

T&E TALK: Make the Holidays Bright with Annual Exclusion Gifts

SALT TALK: Year End Planning Tips – Taxing Reasons Not To Visit Your Relatives for the Holidays

T&E TALK: Tax Reform and Estate Planning - What’s on the Table?

TAX TALK: RMDs May Be On your Year End to-do List

SALT TALK: Republicans Insist SALT is Detrimental to our Health

TAX TALK: Accelerating Your Property Tax Payment into 2017 May Be Especially Beneficial

T&E TALK: Consider a Letter of Instructions to your Heirs

TAX TALK: 2017 Might be Your Last Chance to Hire Veterans and Claim a Tax Credit

SALT TALK: Where You Rest Your Weary Bones May Have No Impact on Tax Residency

T&E TALK: Leverage the Benefits of a Charitable Remainder Trust

TAX TALK: Ins and Outs of Tax on “Income Investments”

SALT TALK: Golf and a Little Bit of Residency Planning, Anyone?

T&E TALK: A Dynasty Trust keeps on Giving Long into the Future

SALT TALK: Traps in Transactions - Tax Free for Fed Doesn’t Mean Tax Free for State and Local

TAX TALK: Self-Employed Retirement Plans

T&E TALK: Who Should Own Your Life Insurance Policy?

TAX TALK: Two ACA Taxes that May Impact Your Executive Compensation

SALT TALK: Traps in Transactions - Don’t Stumble Over a Good Deal

T&E TALK: A Crummey Trust Can Preserve the Annual Gift Tax Exclusion

SALT TALK: Counting Days - The Sun May Actually Rise in the West

TAX TALK: Accelerate Your Retirement Savings with a Cash Balance Plan

T&E TALK: Tax Law Uncertainty Requires Estate Plan Flexibility

SALT TALK: Life Coaching, GPS or Tax Planning

TAX TALK: Consider Bunching Your Medical Expenses for 2017

T&E TALK: An HSA can Benefit Your Estate Plan

SALT TALK: Guitars and the Ever-Increasing Burden of Proof

TAX TALK: Investors - Beware of the Wash Sale Rule

T&E TALK: The Art of Donating Artwork

SALT TALK: Sales Tax Planning Allows Building Boxes More Efficiently

TAX TALK: Consider Boosting Your 401(k) Contribution Rate Between Now and Year End

T&E TALK: Consider Tax Basis Planning if Estate Taxes Aren’t a Threat

SALT TALK: Sticks, Stones and Why Did the Accountant Cross the Road?

TAX TALK: Key 4th Quarter Tax Deadlines for Businesses and Other Employers

T&E TALK: Deferral - Estate Tax Relief for Family Businesses

SALT TALK: Online Marketplace Seller Voluntary Disclosure Initiative – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

TAX TALK: Donating Real Estate to Charity can have Tax Pitfalls

T&E TALK: Is Your Revocable Trust Properly Funded?

TAX TALK: The ABCs of the Tax Deduction for Educator Expenses

SALT TALK: Counting Days: The Tax Consequences of Getting Sick

T&E TALK: Powers of Attorney - To Spring or Not to Spring

TAX TALK: Undoing a Roth IRA Conversion

SALT TALK: Online Marketplace Sellers Highly Incentivized to Say Sorry

T&E TALK: Don’t Trigger the GST Tax when Transferring Assets to Grandchildren

TAX TALK: Put your Audit in Reverse to Save Sales and Use Tax

SALT TALK: Substance or Forlorn; or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Tax Planning

T&E TALK: An NCP Trust Enables You to Achieve a Variety of Goals

SALT TALK: Mayor Proposes Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs Pay for Subway Improvements

TAX TALK: Will Congress Extend Expired Tax Breaks?

T&E TALK: Don’t Overlook Tax Apportionment in Your Estate Plan

TAX TALK: A Refresher on the ACA’s Tax Penalty on Individuals without Health Insurance

SALT TALK: Head in the Clouds?  You Might be Subject to Sales Tax

T&E TALK: The Stretch IRA - A Simple Yet Powerful Estate Planning Tool

TAX TALK: Don’t Wait for Year-End — Here are some Mid-Year Tax Planning Strategies

SALT TALK: Take My Tax . . . Please (California)

T&E TALK: ABLE Accounts for Loved Ones with Special Needs

TAX TALK: Tax Planning Strategies for Businesses

SALT TALK: Remote Sellers - Cry Uncle, Not Wolf?

T&E TALK: IRS Simplifies Rules for Making the Portability Election

SALT TALK: Traps In Transactions:  To Bulk Up or Not?

TAX TALK: Tax Consequences of Renting Out Your Vacation Home

T&E TALK: Fraudulent Transfer Laws Can Undo Your Estate Plan

TAX TALK: Summer is a Good Time to Start Your 2017 Tax Planning

SALT TALK: Texas Issues New Specialty License Plate for Complying with State Tax Law

T&E TALK: Leaving Specific Assets to Specific Heirs is Risky

SALT TALK: The Founding Fathers Never Envisioned an “Internet Tax”

TAX TALK: When Are Moving Costs Deductible?

T&E TALK: Is It Time for a Charitable Lead Trust?

SALT TALK: Love vs. the Tax Department – Love Wins Round One

TAX TALK: 2017 Q3 Tax Calendar: Key Deadlines for Businesses and Other Employers

T&E TALK: A Video of Your Will Signing May Not Produce the Desired Outcome

SALT TALK: Are You a Visionary?

TAX TALK: Some Items to Consider When Selling Securities

T&E TALK: Protect Your Retirement Savings from Creditors

TAX TALK: Coverdell ESAs: The Tax-advantaged Way to Fund Elementary and Secondary School Costs

SALT TALK:  I Read the (State Tax) News Today, Oh Boy

T&E TALK: For Intrafamily Lending, Consider Establishing a Family Bank

TAX TALK: Donating a Vehicle Might Not Provide the Tax Deduction You Expect

SALT TALK:  The Better Part of Valor is the Discretionary Adjustment

T&E TALK: Do You Know the Fate of Your Electronic Documents?

TAX TALK: Business owners - When it comes to IRS audits, be prepared

SALT TALK:  “I Wanna Be a Lifeguard” – But Not in New York

T&E TALK: Principle Trusts Can Encourage Beneficiaries to Lead Responsible Lives

TAX TALK: Are You a Real Estate Professional? Why it Matters

T&E TALK: Watch Out For Pitfalls in Prepaid Funeral Plans

SALT TALK:  States Look to Lessons Learned In Fairy Tales to Maintain Sales Tax Base

SALT TALK:  June and Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty are “Bustin’ Out All Over”

T&E TALK: Concerned About Challenges to Your Estate Plan? Make it No Contest

TAX TALK: Don’t Give the IRS an Interest Free Loan

SALT TALK:  Colorado Use Tax Notice and Reporting Requirements – Batteries Not Included

T&E TALK: Asset Valuations Essential for Your Estate Plan

TAX TALK: Overtime Wages – Will They be Changing?

TAX TALK: Tax Implications of C Corp’s Buy-sell Agreement

SALT TALK:  New York State Budget Makes Taxpayers Proud to be a Union Man (or Woman)

T&E TALK: Be Careful When Using Life Insurance in Your Estate Planning

TAX TALK: Individual Tax Calendar: Key Deadlines for the Remainder of 2017

SALT TALK:  New York’s Budget Makes Sales Tax Savings through Leasing Company Highly Suspect

T&E TALK: Using a Roth IRA as an Estate Planning Tool

T&E TALK: Holding Joint Title Has Upsides and Downsides

TAX TALK: Avoid Late-Filing Penalties

SALT TALK: The Chevy Nova, Betsy Ross and the 2017– 2018 New York State Budget

TAX TALK: Tax Benefits of Home Ownership

SALT TALK: New York Budget Bill “Approved” - I’m Now a Law?

T&E TALK: Could Your Charity Reject Your Donation?

SALT TALK: "I'm Just a Bill" - Mobile Workforce Legislation (Re)Introduced

TAX TALK: Reminder - 2nd Quarter Deadlines for Businesses

T&E TALK: Keep Family Issues Out of the Public Eye by Avoiding Probate

TAX TALK: Are You Eligible to Claim the American Opportunity Credit?

SALT TALK: Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty - The I Forgot to Pay Taxes Strategy Works if Timing is Right

T&E TALK: Make Health Care Decisions While You're Still Healthy

SALT TALK: Inferences, Conclusions, Relationships, and Residency Audit Traps

TAX TALK: There is Still Time to Make 2016 IRA Contributions

T&E TALK: April 1 - It May be Time to Take Required Minimum Distributions

TAX TALK: Dependent Exemption for Elderly Parents

SALT TALK: NYC Taxpayer Gets Favorable REIT Transfer Tax Rate - ALJ Rules Everything is Less Than Zero

T&E TALK: Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust — A Great Wealth Preservation Tool

TAX TALK: Repair & Improvement Safe Harbors Help Accelerate Tax Deductions

SALT TALK: California Minimum Franchise Tax Refund Opportunity – May the Swart [1] Be With You

T&E TALK: Special Planning When Leaving Your IRA to Someone Other Than Your Spouse

TAX TALK: Simplified Method for Determining Potential Estate Tax Exposure

SALT TALK: Refund Claims – Be Careful What You Wish For

T&E TALK: 2016 Charitable Deductions: Substantiate or Lose Them

SALT TALK: NYS Proposal Would Have a Major Impact on Real Estate Transactions

TAX TALK: Are You Required to File a 2016 Gift Tax Return by April 18?

T&E TALK: Five Estate Planning Questions for Single Parents

T&E TALK: Post Mortem Estate Planning Strategies for Couples

SALT TALK: Change of NY Domicile Successful by Dumping Old Girlfriend; Keeping Old Dog

TAX TALK: Basics of Incentive Stock Options

TAX TALK: The Domestic Production Activities Deduction Applies to More than Just Manufacturing

SALT TALK: As Amazon Goes, So Goes the Nation

T&E TALK: Set up Trusts in a More “Trust-friendly” State

TAX TALK: Investment Interest Expense Deduction and Its Limitations

SALT TALK: Governor Cuomo Unveils Executive Budget Proposal

T&E TALK: Explore All of Your Options When Appointing an Executor

SALT TALK: Expiring New York Millionaire’s Tax May Be Extended

T&E TALK: Basic Asset Protection Strategies

TAX TALK: Can you Benefit from the State & Local Sales Tax Deduction?

TAX TALK: Help Prevent Tax Identity Theft by Filing Early

SALT TALK: Who Let the Dog Out? – Legislation by Administration Leads to Confusion

T&E TALK: Declaring an Elderly Parent Incapacitated

SALT TALK:  Nonresident of Connecticut Subject To Tax on Exercise of Stock Options

TAX TALK: 2017 Q1 Tax Calendar: Key Deadlines for Businesses and Other Employers

T&E TALK: Factoring Intellectual Property in your Estate Plan

SALT TALK: May the Source Be with You – NY Nonresident Subject to Tax on Litigation Settlement

TAX TALK: Retirement Plan Contributions Remain Largely Unchanged

T&E TALK: What if the Death Tax Dies?

TAX TALK: IRS Reduces the Optional Standard Mileage Rate for 2017

SALT TALK:  Year-End Planning Tips – Sales Tax and Revisiting Responsible Person Liability

T&E TALK: Making Annual Exclusion Gifts before 2016 Ends May Be the Right Move

T&E TALK: Family Matters: Stepchildren and Your Estate Plan

TAX TALK: Deducting Year-end Bonuses

SALT TALK:  NYC Department of Finance Cautions Us with Unusual Year-End Gift

TAX TALK: Buy Business Assets Now for 2016 Tax Benefits

SALT TALK:  Year End Planning Tips – When a Tax is NOT a Tax

T&E TALK: Community Property States Require Extra Estate Planning

T&E TALK: Should You Keep Your Trust A a Secret?

SALT TALK:  Year End Planning Tips – Taxing Reasons Not To Visit Your Relatives for the Holidays

TAX TALK: Basic Rules of Deferred Compensation under Nonqualified Plans

TAX TALK: Highlights of Trump’s Tax Proposals for Individuals

SALT TALK:  NJ Attempt to Sack the Carried Interest Leaves Downfield Options Wide Open

T&E TALK: Family Mission Statements Promote a Harmonious Estate Plan

SALT TALK:  Fed Cuts May Lead to State Hikes

T&E TALK: The Wrong Life Insurance Beneficiary Damaging to Your Estate Plan

TAX TALK: Beware of Income-Based Limits on Itemized Deductions and Personal Exemptions

T&E TALK: Address Elderly Parents in Your Estate Planning

SALT TALK:  Who Wants to RAP[P] About NYC Taxes?

TAX TALK: More Tax Considerations for the Self-Employed (Part II)

SALT TALK:  NJ Estate Tax Repealed, Inheritance Tax Still Creates Major Roadblock, Gas Tourists No Longer Welcome

T&E TALK: Transfer a Family Business in a Tax-Smart Way

TAX TALK: Tax Considerations for the Self-Employed (Part I)

T&E TALK: Private Foundations Aren’t Only for the Rich and Famous

SALT TALK:  Fantasy Football for the Supreme Court?

TAX TALK: Timing Your Business Income and Expenses

T&E TALK: Grantor and Crummey Trusts Good Options to Fund a Grandchild’s Education

SALT TALK:  Knicks – Pacers Rivalry No Help for New York State Residency Audits

TAX TALK: Changing Jobs? Consider Your Options for Your Old Retirement Plan

TAX TALK: Get More Bang for the Buck by Donating Appreciated Stock Instead of Cash

SALT TALK: Hurricane Forecasts and State Tax Planning Shouldn’t Hinge on News Provider of Choice

T&E TALK: Pre-nups and Estate Plans Go Hand-in-hand

SALT TALK:  Eating Warm Cookies in NYS Unhealthy (for your Bottom Line)

TAX TALK: Saving for College? Prepaid Tuition Plan v. College Savings Plan? — Part 2

T&E TALK: Provide for the Removal of Trustee in Estate Plan

SALT TALK:  Going Mobile – Feds May Finally Intervene

TAX TALK: Saving for College? Prepaid Tuition Plan v. College Savings Plan?

T&E TALK: Getting Started on Your Estate Plan: Inventory and Value Assets; Estimate Tax Liability

TAX TALK: Business Expense Deductions Require Documentation

T&E TALK: Consider SNTs for Loved Ones with Special Needs

SALT TALK:  Aliens, Adult Entertainment, and Amnesty

TAX TALK:  Are You an Investor or a Trader?

SALT TALK:  Catch Me if You Can Evolves to Match Me if You Can

T&E Talk: Review Your Powers of Attorney at Least Every 5 Years

SALT TALK: What’s All This Noise I Hear about Uniforms Being Unconstitutional in Pennsylvania?

TAX TALK: Does the IRS Tax Frequent Flyer Miles?

T&E TALK: Direct Payments of Tuition and Medical Expenses Can Reduce Future Estate Tax Exposure

T&E TALK: Proposed Valuation Regulations May Have a Major Impact on Real Estate Families

TAX TALK: Bunch Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions to Maximize Tax Benefit

SALT TALK:  State Tax Auditors are People Too?

TAX TALK: Combining Business and Vacation Travel: What Can You Deduct?

T&E TALK: Tread Carefully If You and Your Spouse Have Similar Trusts

SALT TALK:  NYC TAT Opinion Puts Example C on Par with “Plan 9”

T&E TALK:  Proposed Regulations Demand Review of Your Estate Plan

SALT TALK:  Sales Tax Holidays – State Governments Attempt to Improve the Staycation?

TAX TALK: Simple Gifting Strategies for Income and Estate Taxes Purposes

T&E TALK: Common Mistakes That Can Derail Your Financial  Planning (Part 2)

TAX TALK: Don’t Gamble on your Taxes

SALT TALK:  Back to School, Back to Residency Issues

T&E TALK:  Common Mistakes That Can Derail Your Financial  Planning (Part 2)

TAX TALK: Discover the Benefits of Qualified Charitable Distributions

T&E TALK:  Common Mistakes That Can Derail Your Financial Planning (Part 1)

SALT TALK:  Pennsylvania Budget Makes Losers of Lottery Winners and Digital Downloaders and Winners Out of Those Owing Back Taxes

TAX TALK: Passive Business Losses are Not Deductible

T&E TALK: AFRs Dipping — A Signal to Look at Your Gifting Plans

SALT TALK:  Surprise, Surprise, Surprise — Feds May Require Physical Presence on Main Street

SALT TALK:  In Fact It’s a Gas—(Again?) In New Jersey

T&E TALK: Follow All Rules When Transferring Assets to an Irrevocable Trust

TAX TALK: Going Green — Save Energy & Save Taxes

T&E TALK: 3 Benefits of Donor-Advised Fund Giving

SALT TALK:  History Buffs, Watch Your Step — FDR Provides Second-Rate Transfer Tax Advice

TAX TALK: Hidden Pitfalls in Mutual Fund Investing

SALT TALK:  NJ Assembly and Governor Proffer Additional Reason Not To Get Stuck In Lodi (Again)

TAX TALK: Tax Deferral Opportunities for RSU Awards

T&E TALK: Preparing Your Children to Handle Wealth

SALT TALK:  Watching the (Invisible) Detectives – Sales Tax on Protective and Detective Services Muddled Once Again

T&E TALK: Estate Planning Rules Differ for Couples with Noncitizen Spouse

TAX TALK: Certain Meal and Entertainment Expenses are 100% Deductible

SALT TALK:  The Use Tax - States Have Created Their Own Parallel Universe

T&E TALK:  529 Plans a Win-Win

TAX TALK: Comparison of Tax-Advantaged Funding of Health Care Costs

T&E TALK: Make an Intrafamily Loan “Bona Fide” to Avoid Gift Tax

SALT TALK:  Sticks, Stones and Why Did the Accountant Cross the Road?

TAX TALK: How You Can Partially Deduct a Family Vacation as a Business Expense

TAX TALK: Take Advantage of Market Downturns to Reduce Tax on ROTH Conversions

T&E TALK: Life Insurance Remains a Powerful Estate Planning Tool For Nontaxable Estates

SALT TALK:  Special Graduation and Vacation Edition

TAX TALK: Counting Employees for ACA Purposes

T&E TALK: Giving Back – How to Help Your Parents Fund LTC and Associated Medical Costs

SALT TALK: Helen Shapiro Claims She’s Not Responsible – Why Are You?

SALT TALK:  Market-Based Sourcing, Choice of Entity, and Inconsistent Results

T&E TALK: Is a Charitable IRA Rollover Right for You?

TAX TALK: Potential Tax Benefits of Summer Day Camp

SALT TALK:  You Are What You Eat – How Sales Tax Can Get You In Shape

T&E TALK: The Importance of Updated Wills

TAX TALK: Tax Consequences of Selling Your Home

TAX TALK: QSB Stock Offers 2 Valuable Tax Benefits

T&E TALK: 529 Plans – Saving for College is also Good for Your Estate Plan

SALT TALK: Guitars and the Ever-Increasing Burden of Proof

T&E TALK: QTIP Trusts a Useful Estate Planning Tool for Second Marriages

TAX TALK: Retirement Plan Disqualification Can Trigger Serious Tax Problems

SALT TALK: The Simple Pleasures – State Taxes and Federal Government Intervention

T&E TALK: The Tax Dangers of Providing for Employees in Your Estate Plan

SALT TALK:  Use Caution Navigating State Tax Credits

TAX TALK: The Early Bird Gets the Worm…and May Save Some Tax Too

T&E TALK: Estate Plan Should Include Incapacitation Issues

SALT TALK: State Tax Audits – Why Federal Conformity Has Me Waiting By the Phone

TAX TALK: How Long Should you Retain your Tax Records?

T&E TALK: Losses from a Wash Sale are Not Deductible.

TAX TALK: To File or Not to File …

SALT TALK: Ruling on Market Based Sourcing Dispenses with Traditional Doctrine - My Customer’s Customers are Not My Customers

TAX TALK: Entrepreneurs – What Can You Deduct and When?

T&E TALK: Pension Payouts - Lump-Sum or Annuity?

SALT TALK: Sales Tax Planning Allows Building Boxes More Efficiently

T&E TALK: Estate Planning Critical with a Second Marriage

SALT TALK: Tax Fraud, Refunds and the Easter Bunny

TAX TALK: Tips for Deducting Losses from a Disaster, Fire or Theft

T&E TALK: Second Marriage and Your Estate Plan – Keep the Kids in Mind

TAX TALK: Make a 2015 Contribution to an IRA before Time Runs Out

SALT TALK: State Tax Debts - Don’t Believe Everything You Read

TAX TALK: Small Business Health Care Credit

T&E TALK: Naming the Guardian of Your Minor Children

SALT TALK: The Truth Will Set You Free – But First It Will Make You Miserable

TAX TALK: Small Business Tax Credits

T&E TALK: Greater Estate Planning Options Available to Same-Sex Married Couples

SALT TALK: They Call It Instant Justice - Sales Tax on Protective and Detective Services Finally Clarified

SALT TALK: No One Likes a Tattletale

T&E TALK: Moving Your Trust over the State Line May Produce Tax Savings

TAX TALK: Tax Deduction for Different Types of Charitable Donations

T&E TALK: Estate Planning Strategies for 2016 — Don’t Leave Well Enough Alone

SALT TALK: Life Coaching, GPS, or Tax Planning

TAX TALK: Maximizing Your Education-Related Tax Breaks

T&E TALK: Think Twice Before Naming a Minor as a Beneficiary

SALT TALK: New York, Just Like I Pictured It - Skyscrapers and Everything

TAX TALK: Deduct Eligible Home Office Expenses

SALT TALK: State Taxes Shouldn’t Be a Matter of Catch Me if You Can

T&E TALK: A Helping Hand - Addressing Your Parents in Your Estate Plan

TAX TALK: Extension Means Businesses Can Take Bonus Depreciation on Their 2015 Returns – But Should They?

T&E TALK: Buy-Sell Agreements to Protect Your Family

SALT TALK: Audit Burden of Proof - Inventive Ways to Document Your Days

TAX TALK: File Early to Avoid Tax Identity Theft

TAX TALK: Why Investing in Small-Business Stock May Make More Tax Sense Than Ever

T&E TALK: Follow IRS Rules to Avoid Losing Some of Your 2015 Charitable Donation Deductions

SALT TALK: Audit Burden of Proof:  Where Was I and the IoT

T&E TALK: Direct Tuition Payments: An Attractive Option for Funding Your Grandchild's College Education

SALT TALK: Counting Days: The Tax Consequences of Getting Sick

TAX TALK: Could You Save More by Deducting State and Local Sales Taxes?

SALT TALK: Counting Days:  The Sun May Actually Rise in the West

T&E TALK: Help Preserve Retirement Benefits Using Portability

TAX TALK: 2 Extended Credits Can Save Businesses Taxes on 2015 Returns

TAX TALK: No Changes to Retirement Plan Contributions for 2016

SALT TALK: 2016: When is a Day Not a Day?

T&E TALK: The New Year a Perfect Time for Estate Planning Checkup

TAX TALK: Congress Passes “Extenders” Legislation Reviving Expired Tax Breaks for 2015

SALT TALK: Permanent Place of Abode: Year End Shopping Tips

T&E TALK: Charitable IRA Rollovers Extended Permanently!

SALT TALK: Permanent Place of Abode:  Taking Ownership

TAX TALK: 7 Last Minute Tax Saving Tips

T&E TALK: Second-to-die Life Insurance Is a Vehicle to Pay Estate Taxes

T&E TALK: Protecting Your Retirement Savings from Creditors

SALT TALK: Permanent Place of Abode:  The Nature of the Relationship

TAX TALK: Avoid a 50% Penalty: Take Retirement Plan RMDs by December 31

TAX TALK: Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Make 2015 Annual Exclusion Gifts

T&E TALK:  Estate Tax Planning for Unmarried Couples

SALT TALK: Permanent Place of Abode:  Let’s Eat Out

SALT TALK: Permanent Place of Abode: Can I Call a Plumber?

T&E TALK: Art Appraisal Critical for Donation Purposes

TAX TALK: Year-end Strategies to Reduce Taxes on Investment Income

SALT TALK: Success and Failure Are Not Permanent, So Why Is My Abode?

T&E TALK: Relocating? Investigate Community Property Laws

TAX TALK: Tax-deductible Contributions to Qualified Charities

TAX TALK: Saving for college through a 529 savings plan

T&E TALK: Irrevocable Trusts for the Young and Wealthy

SALT TALK: Where You Rest Your Weary Bones May Have No Impact on Tax Residency

SALT TALK: Golf and a Little Bit of Residency Planning, Anyone?

T&E TALK: Keeping Life Insurance Proceeds Out of Your Estate

TAX TALK: Tax consequences of refinancing your home (Part 2 of 2)

TAX TALK: Tax consequences of refinancing your home (Part 1 of 2)

SALT TALK: Traps In Transactions:  To Bulk Up or Not?

T&E TALK: Incapacitation of Elderly Parent a Tough Family Decision

SALT TALK: Traps in Transactions:  Don't Take Sales Tax So Casually

T&E TALK: Pitfalls of Joint Ownership

TAX TALK: To Bunch or not to Bunch?

TAX TALK: Using an S Corporation to Minimize FICA and Medicare Tax

T&E TALK: Tax Planning with CRTs

SALT TALK: Traps inTransactions: Tax Free for Fed Doesn’t Mean Tax Free for State and Local

T&E TALK: Divorce and Your Estate Plan

TAX TALK: Should You Contribute More to Your 401(k) in 2015?

SALT TALK: Traps inTransactions, Part II:  Don’t Let theTransfer Tax Creep Up on You

TAX TALK: Which income investment is not like the others?

T&E TALK: Focus Shifting to Income Taxes in Estate Planning

SALT TALK: Traps in Transactions: Don’t Stumble Over a Good Deal


SALT TALK: The Supreme Court - Once Bitten Twice Taxed Revisited

T&E TALK: How Do I Choose My Estate's Executor?

T&E TALK: Life Insurance Owner? Consider Establishing an ILIT

SALT TAX: Online Sales Tax - Caveat Venditor…

TAX TALK: Collectibles For Charity

T&E TALK: Don’t Forget Your Digital Assets

SALT TALK: Free Delivery and ...

TAX TALK: Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today

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